• The Watanabe Company Philosophy

    (JAPANESE) 共に働く仲間と、物心両面の幸せを追求し、


    The custom and practice of respect for the values attached to culture, traditions and ancestry are deeply rooted in the everyday lifestyle of the UK, but there is also an appreciation and leadership of the various new innovation cultures in design, music, and arts, to name a few areas where major contribution has originated in the UK.

    It really is the country where the words tradition and innovation are totally compatible and it is fitting for us to take this image as the benchmark for the development of our Company.

    We want to build the same sense of value, tradition and innovation and to bring these high values to the products we will supply to our customers. We want all our products to have that feeling of being worthy of "being owned", distinguishable and identifiable.

    The success of long term UK brands is the classic styling based on the simple principles of quality and longevity. They are not affected by trends; they are staple and somehow nostalgic, filled with the craftsmen's expertise and pride in the finished product. Moreover, through the history of the UK itself and the UK brands there is an inherited place in the annals of time - stories that are not stories but part of history handed down from generation to generation- they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a name that can be created only by the passage of time.

    Watanabe, through the range of UK brands that we offer, would like to convey "the spiritual richness" that ownership of a craftsman’s product can bring as a sense of value and pride. The tried and trusting relationships and the knowledge of product we have built with the UK brands that we have introduced to the Japanese market place since our establishment is now acquiring its own history, traditions and "stories".

    We firmly believe at Watanabe that we are experts in the UK market place in the type of product we want to continue to supply and introduce to our customers. The product must have history, tradition, quality and longevity - not overnight trendy item, to be used and discarded - for us it is the pride of possessing, a mark of originality, a potential for succession, and an awareness that possession is seen a sign of high quality and originality.

    Watanabe will continue to build the bridge between different cultures from the two different islands which lie in the most eastern and western part of the vast Eurasian Continent, we will progress the development of the tradition and ancestry and bring quality to our customers and perhaps many years into the future our ancestors will be able to look back and have many true stories to tell.
  • (JAPANESE) 提供する価値

    (JAPANESE) Stories of British Life

    (JAPANESE) 新しいものが次々と生み出される現在、英国/イギリスのブランドはクラシックで、少しベーシックに映るかも知れません。しかしイギリスのブランドは、流行に左右されず、どこか懐かしく、作り手の想いや温もりが溢れています。そしてさらなる魅力は、イギリスそのものやブランドの持つ“歴史”、そして「いいものを大切に、長く」使うというイギリスの価値観が創り出す、“ストーリー”が宿っているということです。これは一朝一夕には創ることのできない、時間のみが創造する特徴です。